July 2018

Heidi Singleton on "The Politics of Brand Purpose"

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June 2018

Heidi Singleton joins Intel at the Chicago ANA committee meeting

Heidi Singleton joins Intel to talk brand humanization at the Digital and Social ANA Committee Meeting. June 19th in Chicago.

In this presentation Scott Jaworski, Director of Global Social Media at Intel, and Heidi Singleton, Chief Creative Officer from New Honor Society, will share their lessons learned and how technology giants and companies large and small can approach social media best practices. This presentation follows CES 2018 where Intel and New Honor Society turned an actual electrical blackout into a social media opportunity.

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May 2018

Four Ways To Infuse More Soul Into Marketing

At a time when customers choose to engage with brands who share their values and beliefs, it’s more important than ever for brands to know what they stand for, and behave in a way that proves it. It’s the reason some brands are able to build lasting, meaningful customer engagement while others are left battling with price points and parody

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May 2018

Heidi Singleton to speak about brand humanization on May 17 at Kansas City’s Digital Marketing Conference

Learn the four human traits brands can adopt to engage more authentically with audiences.

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April 2018

Heidi Singleton brings agency’s ethos of "Less Sell, More Soul" to life on We Are Next podcast

Hear about how to differentiate your portfolio, how she knows a candidate is a good hire, tips on making your voice heard in rooms full of strong ones, and the importance of defining what success looks like in your career.

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March 2018

With #NotSorry Campaign, St. Louis Ad Agency Aims to Make 'Sorry' a Bad Word

Remember how your grandma made you toss $1 in the swear jar every time you dropped an f-bomb? The St. Louis ad agency New Honor Society wants you to get back in the habit — only they're asking for your penance when you let out a mindless "sorry."

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March 2018

Why I’m #notsorry

To #pressforprogress, we need to break some bad habits.

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March 2018

‘How do we improve ourselves?’: Exceptional Women of the World featuring Holly Aguirre, New Honor Society

Holly Tucker Aguirre talks about the importance of brand behavior over storytelling on the Drum's Exceptional Women of the World podcast.



February 2018

New Honor Society wins big at Addy’s

So proud of our New Honor Society team for taking home Gold ADDYs in Social Media, Single Execution for Microsoft Education's Skype-a-Thon and in Branded Content for Heluva Good! We are also thrilled to announce winning Best of Film, Video & Sound Internet Commercial for Veru Healthcare. Have you seen the big winner?

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February 2018

Is your brand worthy of love?

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Heidi Singleton shares a few thoughts on how to help brands become worthy of love.

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January 2018

Super Bowl ads are a microcosm of the greater issue with underrepresentation in advertising.

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December 2017

The behavior of a company, the people that work at the company and behaviors outside of marketing efforts are as important as marketing messages.

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November 2017

"What we learn is who we become." New work from New Honor Society for Microsoft In Education.

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November 2017

Creative Director’s Choice: New Honor Society’s Heidi Singleton on why Levi’s 'Circles' impacts in a meaningful way

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November 2017

Heidi Singleton talks about finding your brand's soul in a conversation with Movidiam’s George Olver

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October 2017

New Honor Society wins London International Gold!

Great ideas aren't always SFW. We love seeing hard work & fearlessness pay off.

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October 2017

New Honor Society’s Heidi Singleton explains the key tenets of the agency’s ‘less sell, more soul’ philosophy

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