N E S T L É   D R E Y E R ' S

Big occasions, with little to show for it

Mom scoops up some ice cream at every special occasion, but she doesn’t tend to have any special feelings for what’s inside the bowl.

It’s a party commodity. The category has trained her to buy the deal, the new flavor, or the seasonal promotion.

We helped Dreyer’s Ice Cream (Edy’s if you live east of the Rockies) establish a more meaningful, lasting relationship with Mom.

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Everyday magic

We learned that while Mom is busy getting from Point A to Point B, and from one big thing to the next, it’s easy to miss the smaller—but just as special moments—along the way. The little things that mean everything.




We called them

In-Between Moments,

and we helped Mom make them bigger,
by keeping things small...



Mmmmm… content

We launched a social campaign that gave Mom new, imaginative ideas to make every day more ice cream worthy.

We created, styled, shot (and sometimes ate) everything in our in-house content studio. And we had to work fast. Because Mom needed new ideas for her family and, well, ice cream melts.



The icing on top of the social presence

The best part? These little moments had a big impact. During the Sponsored Pinterest Beta Test, average re-pin rates were 4X the industry standard. And Pinterest-themed retail displays helped drive a double-digit sales lift.

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