v e r u  h e a l t h c a r e

The female condom
is weird.

It’s the awkward, picked on, made fun of, and humiliated-in-front-of-all-the-other-prophylactics condom. But it works great, especially as an alternative to male condoms or birth control (or like, a baby).

Veru Healthcare needed to spark a new kind of dialogue among open-minded, sex-loving audiences about the FC2 Female Condom. We knew, that in order to be part of the conversation, we needed to be part of the joke. 



Rated V:
for Strong Female
Sexual Empowerment

We created the first ever V-Rated PSA campaign, a no-holds-barred, NSFW social video that unapologetically addresses every flaw, every quirk and every benefit of the FC2 Female Condom. The honest approach successfully diffuses the taboo and empowers women to challenge conventional wisdom around safe sex.




We weren't just part of the conversation

Apparently, when you pogo in your birthday suit, people take notice. Our little condom video was organically picked up by dozens of publications and even became part of the curriculum for a Human Sexuality course somewhere in the wise and sexy state of Wisconsin.

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