L o g i t e c h  g


Logitech G had a full (and growing) portfolio of mice, keyboards and other computer peripherals that helped PC gamers move faster with greater precision and more confidence.

But the brand—and the entire industry—was barely tapping the potential gaming market.

We helped Logitech realize what was holding them back. The most daunting challenge facing the category wasn’t speed or accuracy.

It was inequity.



N o t  a l l 
f u n  a n d  g a m e s

A pervasive, cruel class system was dividing the gaming ranks along gender and status lines, among others.

Even the term “gamer”—a label of pride among the devout core audience—simultaneously came with a negative connotation and an unflattering stereotype that recreational and mainstream players didn’t want to be associated with.

They wanted a mouse to play games, but not a gaming mouse.



I t  w a s  t i m e 
t o  c h a n g e 
t h e  s t r a t e g y

By acknowledging a cultural tension, Logitech G was able to do something even more progressive than a shorter keyboard switch or a faster tracking mouse. We helped the brand take a stand for ALL gamers by advancing the one thing they all shared:

The universal power of PLAY.


…with a campaign that celebrates the reasons we play, champions the innate human need to play, and inspires all shapes, sizes, creeds, genders and skill levels to KEEP PLAYING.

W A T C H  T H E  S P O T 


P l a y ,  f o r  a l l

While play is universal, not all players are the same. What they expect from their gear varies as well.

We designed a segmented approach to the campaign that made the concept just as relevant for recreational players as it was for aspiring professionals and hardcore hardware enthusiasts.

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